Beaumont Financial Partners, LLC is a fee-based registered investment advisory firm specializing in wealth management for high net worth individuals. The firm has been delivering a range of wealth management services to affluent individuals and families, small businesses, and nonprofits since 1981.

The word “partnership” in our name reflects our business philosophy: we treat the people with whom we do business as partners, not simply as clients or customers. This may be why many clients are intergenerational and our work relationships go back decades. While the majority of our business is within greater Boston, we have relationships with people and families all over the world.

At Beaumont Financial Partners, we are organized for and strive to build and sustain long-term, multigenerational relationships. We accomplish that by blending our investment management, tax, financial planning and coordination expertise — skills and disciplines that benefit our clients on an ongoing basis.

We believe that individuals and families strongly desire, but rarely can identify, a single advisor who can provide objective, sophisticated, tailored, and ongoing wealth management counsel. Beaumont Financial Partners’ mission is to be that advisor.

In 2009 we created Beaumont Capital Management (BCM). BCM is a separate division of the firm that delivers innovative, ETF-based growth strategies with defensive capabilities to advisors, institutions and retirement plans. BCM was created, after helping our clients traverse the most recent financial crisis (2008) and their expressing their desire to find new solutions with the potential to avoid large losses like those of the previous 10 years.

BCM institutionalized this investment philosophy and began our flagship ETF series. Our roots in wealth management and fundamental investing, combined with our expertise in quantitative investing, give us the clear perspective to deliver value to our clients through disciplined, rules-based strategies. Please visit the Beaumont Capital Management (BCM) website to for more information.





The firm was originally created as Beaumont Trust Associates in 1981, and in 1999 it was reclassified as Beaumont Financial Partners, LLC. Total firm assets under management and administration include both Beaumont and BCM, direct client assets and those from model management agreements from wrap programs and other turnkey asset management programs.